MSJ Next Generation Rugby

Join our community of Rugby players who love a challenge, strive to build their game or simply want direction and support in their training.

The MSJ Next Generation online mentoring program uses all of our knowledge and expertise to create bespoke plans for each individual. Using Matt’s years of experience in the pro game and as an accredited Rugby Coach working with many, many individuals over recent times, we believe we are best set to help navigate the right path for you to ensure you see results.

After completing an initial consultation and analysis process, a specific training plan with a personalised set of objectives are constructed. Matt will then provide you with detailed guidance, video coaching and an ongoing review processes… ensuring you will see the impact of your training.

We have a number of courses available to ensure the MSJ Next Generation online experience meets your needs and works not only around but with you to ensure it is achievable, realistic and possibly most importantly; effective.

All courses include:

  • An initial consultation process with Matt to establish the players key objectives and current skill set or limitations. Including online face to face two-way discussions and fact-finding exercises.
  • A fully bespoke Training Plan
  • Video and online guidance
  • Built in review processes and methods along the journey
  • Closing analysis of results achieved and possible future goals.

Our main mentoring programmes have a minimum 4-week commitment:

In order to ensure our courses, help to realise your goals it is important to not only put in the time and effort required but to also give yourself the time to generate the results you desire. With that in mind, Matt is confident that in many cases the process requires a commitment of your time and energy over a period of time, such as 4 weeks.

However, one-off mentoring and analysis is also available and for more information click below.